Very Best of Andean Flutes



A glorious album of panflute pieces from the Andes, accompanied on guitar and bombo (drum). Each of the 12 works on this beautiful album accentuates a special native flute or panpipe (e.g. the zampoña in “Eco de la Zampoña” or the sikuri in “Sikuriadita”). Joël Perri paints haunting pictures of the vast and empty Altiplano “Charango en el Altiplano) or a summer night in Bolivia “Noche de verano.” Additional selections include “El condor del indio,” “Alturas des Humahuaka,” and “Las llamas de Potosí.” If you are a fan of the haunting sound of Andean Flutes, this CD is highly recommended! Total Time: 39 minutes

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