Olde Irish Jigs & Reels



Here are 12 sparkling performances from leading folk musicians in medleys of great Irish tunes. This selection of Irish music was performed specially for this recording by some leading exponents of the style. You can hear this in their steady rhythms, clear melodies - a foot-tapping pleasure if ever there was one. So if you feel like dancing, then this is the album for you! In between the jigs, reels, hornpipes and polkas, there is a selection of Irish songs, all sung by Ian Giles with stylish accompaniment from fiddle, whistle, melodeon, and bodrhan. Tracks include: Bucks of Oranmoor • The Morning Dew • The Banshee / Laverty’s • Sally Gardens • All Around the World / Dennis Murphy’s Polka • Bally Desmond Polka • John Ryan’s Polka / Jackie Coleman • Rakish Paddy • Farewell to Erin / I’ll Tell Me Ma / Tripping Upstairs and more. Total Time: 65 minutes

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