Famous Marches



Martial music has a long history, as a device for stirring soldiers to acts of valour or sometimes, if Marco Polo is to be believed, for terrifying the enemy. The march itself, as a means, through regular rhythm, of ensuring that the marchers proceed in step but can be used to express solemnity in a slow march, light-heartedness in a quick march or triumph in a march of victory. You’ll enjoy these 16 digitally- remastered nationalistic marches composed for Finland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, France, and more! Includes: Grand March from Aida • Karelia Suite, Op. 11 • Marcia from Serenade for Strings • Marche slave (Slavonic March) Jeux d’enfants (Children Games) • Hungarian March (Rakoczy March) • March from The Nutcracker • Pomp and Circumstance • Marche Joyeuse and more. Total Time: 1 hour 18 minutes 

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