Band of the French Foreign Legion: Legende



The Band and Choir of the French Foreign LegionDebut international album from the Band and Choir of the French ForeignLegion, one of the world’s most famous military bands. The Legion’s bandis unique in several ways, notably for its slower, 88 paces-per-minute marchtempo (as opposed to the regular 120), giving their music a solemn, majesticpower. Crafted by award-winning and multi-million-selling producer JonCohen, the album features: new arrangements of La Marseillaise (with guestartist Roberto Alagna) • the Legion’s official march Le Boudin • Bridge overthe River Kwai: Colonel Bogey March • La Mer (The Sea) • Farewell to OldEurope • No, I regret nothing • The Colors of the Legion, and more.Total Time: 41 minutes

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